Dehydration Facility

Provided all labor, materials, equipment and manpower. Provided all Mechanical scope of work. Managed subcontractors for concrete and electrical. Provided all necessary excavation equipment and operators.

Compressor Station

Provided all labor, materials, equipment, and manpower. Provided all fabrication and installation. Pressure tested all lines with nitrogen set up completed by NuWeld (nitrogen testing subcontracted). Managed electrical and concrete subcontractors. Nuweld provided all necessary excavation equipment and operators.

Meter Stations

Turnkey Project- design, land clearing, fabrication & install. Supplied all equipment and manpower. Scheduled and managed subcontractors for concrete, electric and perimeter fencing installation. Completed documentation package including welder certifications, calibrations for all testing and torquing equipment, hydro test reports, 100% x-ray reports and site as builds.

Gas Production Units

Design, Fabrication, Inspection, and Testing of a GPU Pressure Vessel, Line Heater and Coils, and On Skid Piping. All process piping welds follow B31.3 specification and CES Radiographic Testing Requirements

Pipe Spool Fabrication

NuWeld developed pipe spool fabrication drawings and furnished all labor and materials to fabricate 477+ pipe spools ranging in size from 4” diameter to 36” diameter.  Pipe spools were fabricated from standard wall pipe lengths from 48 inches to 48 feet long supplied more than 1000 flanges, in addition to the tees, elbows, reducers, and [...]

Nuclear Fuel Transfer Mating Devices

Constructed over 10 “Mating Devices” used in fuel to cask transfer activities for various nuclear plants.   10CFR50 App. B and NQA-1 Vogtle D.C. Cook ASCO Spain Comanche Peak Braidwood Waterford Perry

Map 12 Containers

Over 70 units of MAP 12 Fresh Fuel Shipping Containers Over the road containers used for transporting Nuclear Fresh Fuel Rods Each unit contained over 300 stainless and duplex steel parts – machined, formed and waterjet parts welded into approximately 12’ long containers with fuel location beds requiring flatness of 0.06” Dimensions were CTQ and [...]

Stainless Steel Pipe Joggles

Stainless steel & titanium bent/welded pipe "joggles" for Hanford, comprising unsleeved, sleeved and sleeved w/insulation configurations. NQA-1, 2000 & Price Anderson Act of 1988 including 10 CFR Part 830, subpart A

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