At NuWeld, Inc. everything STARTS with our culture, and Safety is the first step. We have built this culture around the safety of our employees and our dedication to our customers and the community in which we live and serve. NuWeld has achieved success by safely providing a high-quality product which meets and exceeds our customers’ standards and expectations.

All newly hired NuWeld Employees are required to attend a safety orientation which consists of a task-specific tool and equipment operation training as well as hazard awareness and mitigation techniques.

To further increase our safety awareness, NuWeld holds monthly companywide safety stand-downs with all of our craftsmen; bi-weekly supervisor safety meetings and monthly accredited Safety Committee meetings. Furthermore, daily JSA meetings are held both in the fabrication shop and in the field with the purpose of also addressing and mitigating any foreseeable hazards.

At NuWeld, Inc. we understand that Safety, Teamwork, Accountability, Responsibility and Trust are the steppingstones to providing a safe work environment, and we firmly believe that everything STARTs with our culture.


Safety Commitments

Our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely.  All injuries are preventable.  Everyone is obligated to refuse unsafe work.  Everyone is obligated to raise concerns about any hazards that are noticed.   All levels of supervision are accountable for safety performance. Employee and contractor commitment is essential to safety performance.  Excellence in safety leads to excellence in business.  Safety attitude off the job is as important as on the job.


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